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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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MacBook Pro 13 display problem

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my Mac Book display. There's a vertical column to the far right of the display which is unusable. Sometimes the problem is fixed, and the strange colored pixels disappear (if I apply pressure to the display or open it at a given angle). The picture below illustrates the problem:

I was wondering if I need to change the whole display or just a cable. If it's just the cable, is it an easy task to be accomplished by a non-technician ?

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That is what is known as a TAB fault (Tape Automated Bonding) and is caused by a connection failure from the TAB that connects the transparent electrode layers to the video driver board of an LCD.

You will need to replace the LCD/whole display.

If you give us the last 3 characters of your serial number we can help you with a guide/instructions for the procedure and point you to the proper part.

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Here is a guide on the LCD replacement procedure. I suggest going through it to see if this is something you can do yourself. Here are the parts being offered by ifixit. One of the parts is the LCD only and would be the most difficult to replace, but cheaper in price. The other is the entire upper half of the laptop. It cost more but is a much easier way to do the repair yourself.

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Hi guys,

I have a similar problem. My Macbook Pro is from Mid 2009 and is 13". I have two of those pixel vertical columns. I went to Apple store and they told me I have to replace the whole LCD. Don't you guys think this is a defect in some of the Mid 2009 series of 13" Macbook Pro? Did you guys ever drop your laptop by accident? That never happened to me but Apple told me that must be the reason!

Moreover, had you seen a shiny spot at the bottom of the screen? I have seen it in some of the Macbook Pros!


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TAB faults happen for a number or reasons. The least likely is manufacturer defect for a production run for a Major company like Apple. Some of the worlds largest companies build these LCDs and have rigid QC standards, because of the competition to acquire and keep business, also to prevent charge backs. Anyways, this can happen due to temperature and/or humidity fluctuations related to the region of the world you live in. This can happen because it was carried in a book bag or backpack along with other items, which will cause the LCD to flex. It can be caused by a hard bump or jar. It can be caused by the user carrying the laptop in one hand while the laptop is open, regularly. It can be caused by defects. Apple buys the LCDs for their products from several of the worlds largest LCD manufacturers, LG Phillips, Samsung, Toshiba to name a few. To prevent shortages during production each model of Apple laptop has 2 manufactures making the LCD for it. So if there is a defect it is real easy to trace early on.

- de

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Sooooo disappointed with Apple.

I love my Macbook White (late 2009), but this problem bugs me so much! I never heard about a problem like that happening with pcs. You pay a lot of money for a computer that supposedly will never bring you problems, but I had to change the bottom, twice already (an issue that is going through recall btw) and this malfunction on the display is very unsettling. I work from home most days, so I need my Mac 24/7, therefore I don't have the luxury to leave it at some place for days while they fix it. Without mentioning the money I will have to pay... And at Apple I have to hear that I wasn't careful with my computer. Never I dropped my beautiful/white/pretty Mac. I'm really careful with it since they don't manufacture the Whities anymore. I couldn't just replace it for a brand new one.

Oh, and the fact that you can't update Apple Care once the due date is expired. That is beyond ridiculous! Where's the "concern with the Apple client". I have an iPhone and a iPad! They got me. I hate pcs and could never get back to them, however it would be nice to feel a little more protected and appreciated as a customer.

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We had a few Dells years ago which this exact problem and where under warranty Dell didn't honor the warranty as they claimed it was user created! At the time we had over 50 laptop systems from them. Today we don't have a single one and now only have Apple laptops. While Apple isn't perfect they do honor their warranties and then some! I have found in dealing with any one how you approach them makes a big difference on how they react to you. Apples employee training makes it clear to make it's customers happy. Thats why people love them. Yes, you can get someone on a bad day or not properly trained. You can try again with someone else another day and I bet get the a better outcome (within reason).

- de

Apple has been known to fudge AppleCare coverage within a week or so of the expiration as long as the equipment is seen and is in good shape. You just may have gotten someone on a bad day or did you not have your system with you. Apple is one of the more forgiving companies I've dealt with. Even without AppleCare they often will bend over to help you (within reason). I can tell you not many companies go to the same lengths as Apple does. I know I sound like I'm an Apple lover (in a way I guess I am). But, not to the extent of not switching over to some other company if they offer better equipment & service, I'll jump. So far no one has come to the plate with equal or better equipment or service.

- de

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