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The HP ProOne 600 G1 AiO Business PC uses Intel Core i3-4160 processor and is identified by product number K1K72UT#ABA.

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No matter which pc they send me for my store it errors no boot device

I am a store manager, and have to work on a pc hooked to corporate in order to handle daily operations. Last week, I went in to find my pc with a black screen “no device to boot to". I restarted, and it gave me 3f0 error. When I called corporate for support they sent me another PC. Got it, and the same error displayed on start up. Called again, and they sent me another! This one flashed red and beeped, but did not come on. On the off chance the original healed I tried it again, and it booted up. Worked 2 days, and today shut down while I was in conference with an employee. Just went to shutting down page. Now it is 3f0. So three different computers… same cords. Can they do this? I do not have administrator access . Suggestions??? I am at a complete loss!

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Hi @boppysmom ,

Just wondering if the link to corporate is down.

Perhaps your PC needs to boot from a network source (corporate) and not from an internal hard drive.

If you don't have Administrator rights to access then you may not be able to get into BIOS on startup to check the settings to verify this.

Try it anyway.

Start the PC and repeatedly press F10 when the monitor light turns green to access the BIOS setup utility.

If you can get into BIOS go to the Boot Order tab and check if the boot order is for a Network Interface card (might show as PXE boot) as the 1st option.

If it is then check where the PC’s network cable connect to a router and make sure that they’re still connected OK and that the router is also working and connected OK.

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