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El Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 es un portátil dirigido a jugadores de bajo presupuesto. Cuenta con 256 GB de almacenamiento, Nvidia GeForce Graphics y un procesador Intel i5 de cuatro núcleos a un precio más asequible que la mayoría de las laptops para juegos.

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My laptop no longer turns on and I cant figure out why.

About a week before my laptop, it had issues charging. I've checked the battery and the charger, and they seem to work fine. The lights on the side of the laptop sont turn on at all, and I've tried resetting the battery, I bad even recently replaced it with another battery that's compatible.

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Hi @akmonkey

Please verify the model number of the laptop just in case I’ve linked the incorrect part below.

No charging indication in a laptop usually means a problem with the charger or the DC-In jack (supplier example only)

Have you checked the charger's voltage output (19V DC) to see that it is OK?

If the charger’s output is OK, a lot of times the centre pin connector in the DC-In jack breaks internally and this opens the power circuit from the charger to the motherboard.

You would need to open the laptop and then disconnected the jack cable plug from the motherboard and use an Ohmmeter to test the wires from the jack to the plug for continuity

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My laptop is a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-52fa, the charger voltage output was okay, and there is still the pin. There is power going to the battery.

- de


By resetting the battery I assume you mean pressing the battery reset button (see 4:44 minutes onwards into the video) is this correct?

Maybe try disconnecting thebattery and then pressing the reset button.

If still no good then there most probably is a problem with the power circuits on the motherboard if power is getting to the board but no charge light is turning on.

You would need to have the motherboard schematics to find out why.

Try searching for "(insert motherboard board number) schematic" to hopefully find them. You may be lucky. The board make and model number is printed on the board itself

- de

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