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The Kenwood Receiver model KR-V7070 is an audio/video receiver produced by Kenwood Corporation, a Japanese company that designs, develops, and markets car audio systems, hi-fi home and personal audio systems, professional two-way radio communications equipment, and amateur radio (“ham”) equipment.

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Lower speaker volume output

The volume output on my speakers isn't anywhere as loud as it used to be. Before the volume you could get at say level 60 you need to turn up to level 30 (backwards, I know). All connections are good. Nothing has changed. Not sure if amplifier is going bad.

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Sometimes when a knob goes bad, it's the knob's potentiometer. What's a potentiometer? It's basically a resistor that can change resistance depending on how far you turn it. Usually there's a metal contact that slides against another metal contact, and often these contacts can wear out or get dirty. If it looks like the potentiometer contacts are reachable, I would try cleaning it (obviously with the power disconnected). If not, you may see if you can find a potentiometer with the same resistance ratings and try replacing it.

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