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La revisión de 2016 de Apple a su línea de computadoras portátiles dirigida a usuarios profesionales. Cuenta con una pantalla Retina de 15 pulgadas, 2880 por 1800, Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos, opciones de almacenamiento de 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2TB, 16 GB de RAM y un teclado equipado con una barra táctil. Lanzado en noviembre de 2016. Características del modelo A1707.

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I need Windows Support / Bootcamp Drivers for MBP 2016 Model A1707

I have this MBP and the bootcamp software will not function properly.

I’ve tested, and since removed, a windows 10 install outside of the bootcamp software and it works flawlessly, only I cannot find the driver software and BootCamp fails when trying to download support software or even when I try to use BootCamp to install Windows.

I’ve tried basically everything and now just a need a link to the support software (Drivers) or a kind person to send me the files so I can install them on my Windows side.

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I’m assuming you are still using Win10 on your MBP. I can’t find BCD (BootCampDrivers) for you from Apple that are for Win10, but I did find them for Win8. It might get you a stretch forward so maybe give them a try if you are feeling adventurous. This is the latest version they have easily searchable on their support site.

Click the download button at the top of the page.

FWIW, I hate Boot Camp Assistant because it’s a troll IMO.

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Thanks for the input! I'll give it a shot as I have no other option at the moment. However, this package is dated before the manufacturing date of my machine so I'm not sure it will work. I more than likely need someone to send me the files from their own MBP 2016 of the same model.

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As I suspected it unfortunately did not work.

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@Jacob Solano The problem with that is two step....

1. I'm sure someone cannot "share" with you the files unless it's a physical exchange as I'm sure hosting the files anywhere would be a violation of some of Apple's EULA.

2. As well, you cannot trust sites that provide these "drivers" as un-tampered.

The only way IMHO is to contact Apple directly as I'm sure they provide the drivers to users directly (possibly an expirable link)

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