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Lanzado el 20 de septiembre, el iPhone de 2019 está dotado de una pantalla táctil 6.1" LCD, cámara dual y en seis colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone XR

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Front camera area getting very hot and draining battery.

I have had an issue all of a sudden where my front facing camera area is getting nearly too hot to touch after a few seconds of the device turning on or charging I've replaced the battery as I thought this was the issue but the problem persists and continues to drain my new battery very quickly.

Any ideas?

Many thanks Ryan

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This seems unusual. I hope the battery replacement was from a genuine shop. Here are some things you can hopefully try.

  1. Please force restart your iPhone. See if this fixes your problem.
  2. Please update your iPhone to the latest available version of iOS.
  3. Open the Settings app and tap Battery. Locate any app that you believe was not used much yet consumed substantial battery. See if you can update or delete this app. After this, do you find the area near the front camera turns hot? If not, most likely this app was the culprit.

Hope it helps.

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