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Lanzado el procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos el 24 de octubre de 2011 / 2.2, 2.4 o 2.5 GHz

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Graphics card gone again- which to replace with?

Hi all.

I’ve got a late 2011 MacBook Pro with 2.5ghz i7 and up to 8gb memory which was the max in 2012 ,when I bought it new.

In 2017 graphics card dies and was replaced twice .

I recall seeing 2 graphics cards being used in my settings but cannot recall which ones.

I run iMovie, Adobe photoshop and illustrator , vdj, and parallels with multisim.

which graphic card is best to replace with to cope with programmes ?

Presumably is one of these graphic cards (currently in the Mac)one that hasn’t been soldered to motherboard - can I replace this myself ? Do you have any video recommendations I could View to help me with process to match the suitable replacement?

thank you

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Both graphical processing units (GPU) are on the motherboard. One is part of the Intel Chipset and is not hardware accelerated. The more powerful GPU is usually an AMD or NVidia GPU. When you had them replaced previously, the mainboard was likely replaced to do so. These units have a poor design where the GPU and CPU share a thermal pipe. If the CPU is running hot at the same time as the GPU, the GPU does not cool adequately and it’s Ball Grid Array (BGA) solder can melt. This sounds like what you have experienced. The only real solution to replace the GPU is to replace the mainboard or send it to a repair technician that can re-flow the BGA chip (not guaranteed to work, and may recur later).

If you attempt this yourself, you will want the correct tool. Don’t stick it in an oven, get a BGA reflow. station

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Note: There are also products online called GPUkillers which will disable the performance GPU forcing the system to use the Intel Graphics. I have never used one of these, so I cannot speak to efficacy.

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For those who have GPU issues with the Macbook Pro 2011 15” or 17” there’s a way to disconnect the NVIDIA GPU and only run with the Intel integrated GPU. You can solder a small board on the logic board rom chip, this product is the Tiresias GPU Killer. That will permanently desactivate the NVIDIA GPU. I tried it on the 15” model motherboard 820-2915 and on the 17” model 820-2914 with success. Video out will also be desactivated after the job is done but the computer will work just like the MBP 2011 13” who doesn’t have the NVIDIA GPU.

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