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Uniden Digital Answering System with Caller Announce Model D3097S, first released on April 1, 2012. Repairs for this device require common screwdrivers.

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I have 2.4 ghz uniden answering machine and my messages all deleted ca

Can I get them back? I had some messages from my grandfather who recently passed away and this would mean a lot to me to get them back

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Unfortunately once the messages have been deleted they cannot be retrieved.

They may also have been overwritten by any new messages that had been received afterwards as there is only a limited amount of storage space

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There aren’t any new messages yet. Definitely nothing to do?

- de

@Zi W

Unfortunately not that I know of.

The data would have to be accessed directly off the chip where it was stored and even then you would need to know how to decipher it. Like all data retrieval it will be expensive doing it this way. It is not like computers where the data can be more easily accessed as it wasn't designed this way.

There may be answers on how to do this out there somewhere but I have never come across it. Maybe contact the manufacturer to see f they can help.

Can only suggest that you don't allow any new messages to be recorded as they will overwrite any information that has been previously deleted

- de

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