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Conjunto completo de información de reparación para los sistemas y accesorios de Sony PlayStation. Comenzando con el lanzamiento de la PlayStation original en diciembre de 1994, Sony ha seguido desarrollando la PlayStation 3 y varias versiones de PlayStation Portable (PSP).

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I got attacked by booters

I have been attacked by multiple booters playing red dead redemption 2 now all of a sudden I can't play a game without my ps4 shutting off as soon as I start up any game is there anything that I can do to fix this?

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You may have to factory reset the PS4 to overcome the problem

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I have factory reset my system re downloaded all my games an it is still shutting off saying over heating when its not hot the only games that dont shut it off is the games I have disk to

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If you are sure the chips are not getting too hot, then the issue could be a bad thermal sensor.

Now if you are judging it’s “heat” from outside the unit, it may actually be having an issue. A lot of PS4’s have had fans that fail or improper thermal paste. The fan is, by far, the cheapest thing to replace. The thermal sensors are built into the motherboard.

About Booters: Booters find the WAN IP address of your network and flood it with garbage data. Essentially, it is a Denial of Service attack. This alone does not change anything inside your PS4, so the current issue is unrelated and the timing coincidental.

To protect your IP address, you could use a VPN service. Once they have your real-world IP, there is not much you can do to stop the DoS attack. If you have a dynamic IP address with your ISP, you could try leaving your modem offline for several hours to see if it gets a different IP address when powered back on. Also, you can ask your ISP to assign a new IP address, just explain what is happening.

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