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En junio de 2017, Apple actualizó su MacBook Air de 13" con un procesador Broadwell Intel Core i5 más nuevo, lo que resultó en un rendimiento y vida útil de la batería ligeramente mayores.

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Looking for Display hinges MB Air A1466


The Display from my 2017 MB Air (A1466) is wobbly.

Before I start to fix it, I wanna order new hinges. Then I can replace the older to the new hinges.

But….where can I buy such hinges?

I have found a link to aliexpress, but there are only hinges for MB Pro 13”

Also the delivering time is earliest Apri,,,

Is here anyone who can help me to find the suitable hinges?

Thx in forward..

Joe, Wiesbaden, Germany

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Here’s the needed hinge parts for your system:

Often the screws are just loose, sometimes the clutch mech seized which will require new hinges.

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The hinges are part of the whole screen assembly and required you to pretty much disassemble the screen completely (including the front glass panel & such). As a first step I would just recommend to tighten the screws of the hinges.

Have a look at this thread: Can I replace the hinge set only? since it’s a similar issue.

I had a look around and could only find a replacement hinge for the left side with the display cable. It doesn’t seem to be a common repair part I’m afraid.

You can also try to apply some nail polish when tightening the screws to prevent them from coming loose as suggested here: Hinge is loose how to fix?

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