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NFC does not always scans

My NFC does not always scan. Even after rebooting multiple times it might not work. But some times it just do. Should I replace the antenna?

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This is not a problem solver reply but still can help you to solve the file sending problems over wifi. NFC is an old school technology to transfer files across devices. Nowadays there are several other methods and apps you can use to transfer files across Android devices wirelessly.

Some suggested reliable apps like xender(made in China) and shareit make it easy to perform the file transfer tasks easily. Alternatively, you can use wi-direct to perform the action.

Note: It’s is always a better idea to switch for free options rather than paying for Antena replacement. Still, feel free to reply me if you didn’t like the idea.

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I guess you have the wrong idea. I cannot seem to always use my nfc to pay at terminals. By the way NFC doesn't let you send files last I checked.

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@deception Well, in that case, have you verified if the problem is caused by some software error rather than hardware. Try cleaning the cache memory of your phone and updating the software.

Turn off Android.

Press the volume up+power button to access the boot screen

use volume key up-down to navigate to "reset cache"

Hit the power button to accept

once done, restart the phone.

- de

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