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Resolución de pantalla modelo A1013, A1052, A1085 o A1107 / 1440x900

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Where is BIOS location on mainboard

where is BIOS location on mainboard 820-1688-A?

which is the mark of the chip

Update (01/23/2021)

Block Image

my question is where is the BIOS and not why?

post the Picture please.


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As I stated you'll need to get the schematics and board view drawings to figure it out. I don't have them nor do I think many do any more as this system is so old.

Keep in mind this is a PowerPC based system so the BIOS won't work on any other CPU solution.

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You’ll need to get ahold of the schematics and boardview drawings to figure it out. Even still There is little you can do as its programed. This is such an old system I can’t see any use for it.

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