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Is the A1989 logic board the same as the A1058?


I have to change the logic board on an iMac 17" 1.6 GHz model A1989 but only found instructions for the A1058 (same speed, same size). Does anybody know if they will do?

I assume there won't be much difference, maybe the shape of some components...

I have successfully changed the keyboard of a MacBook Air so I should be OK. I hope!



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At the risk of me sounding stupid, are you sure the model number is A1989?

I believe your machine's EMC number is 1989, which would correspond with Model A1058 (all these cryptic numbers!!!). If so, the A1058 instructions are exactly what you are looking for to repair your machine!

This is my assumption because even their newest 27" iMac is model number A1311, and they go in semi numerical order with their model they're nowhere close to reaching that number yet.

I hope this helps!

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No risk of sounding stupid, especially when one tries to help.

And in fact, you are correct, 1989 is the EMC number. You say that it corresponds to the A1058 model. How does one find that out? On the "ID you model" page 1989 only leads to the page offering 2 guides, one for the A1058 and one for the A1144. You say it is the A1058 I have, I believe you but I am interested to find out how to identify it properly, for future reference.



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Hi Paul!

Interesting. That page should not offer 2 guides! I apologize for the confusion. To double-check your machine, you can look at the writing below the power cable port. It should say A1058 in the midst of the writing.

The reason we go the EMC route for iMacs is because multiple revisions of iMac sometimes use the same model number. The EMC, however, is always different between revisions for the iMac. There's a trade-off to be had of either giving the most amount of info that may confuse people, or giving just enough info to ID the machine (which also may confuse people). We're constantly seeking to update our information to offer the most helpful, user-friendly tools possible. Thanks for the head's up!

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Thank you Ben for indicating where the model number can be found. I indeed have an A1058.

Mine is definitely a 1.6MHz as indicated under the stand.

Thanks for you help and thanks for a great and helpful site.

I would like to ask a question about the proper way to answer. Should I do it here or somewhere else? Let me know.


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Generally, when answering someone's post or comment, you can use the "comment" button to the far right above the post. That's how my response is indented below yours. It keeps the dialogue going without adding further "answers" to the question.


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Got that, now. Thanks.

But what does "accepting an answer" mean? And could you tell me how to add a link in a comment, question or answer?



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