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Sound randomly cuts in and out

My radio receives a signal, or it may be on CD. Unpredictably, the sound cuts off, then comes back, over and over. May be OK for hours, or misbehave every few minutes.

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Hi @bobrich18 ,

What is the make and model number of the radio?

Just touching or adjusting the volume control cause the volume to go erratic?

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@jayeff thank you for responding.

Written on it is LG.

The booklet that came with it states Sharp XL-HP404E.

You are right. When it goes silent, fiddling with the volume knob sometimes gets the sound to return, particularly turning volume up. But just leaving it alone often gets it to resume too.



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Thank you, Albert, I'll give it a go. :)

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Jayeff, thank you for the links. You guys have been fantastic, and confirm my view of human nature as decent and cooperative. I live in Australia, and we have a heatwave, and I've just returned from a bike ride so am cooking. Tomorrow morning, thanks to you three, I will fix my radio and bless you.

I would like to do something in return. Please go to and choose a book from among the ones I have written, and I'll happily email you a copy. You can use my contact form to well, contact me.



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Click on my avatar to see my location Snap ;-)

Voting my answer as also being helpful is all the appreciation I need.


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Hi @bobrich18

Looking at the service manual the Volume Control is designated as component #VR701 which has a Sharp component part #QSW-ZA002AWZZ.

This is a rotary encoder type control switch and not a resistive potentiometer type control switch.

The only supplier found when searching online for a replacement part shows that it is no longer available so you may have to try and fix it yourself as having the easier option of replacing it is not available.

Here’s a video that shows how to clean a rotary encoder switch, that may help.

The manual I linked shows how to dis-assemble the unit so that access to the volume control encoder switch is possible. Admittedly the manual is not easy to use as you can only view it online and have to alter the page number in the box below the Document box and click Go every time that you wish to change the page. To download the manual so making it easier to use, you have to sign up with the website.

If doing this yourself seems too daunting, contact a reputable professional electronics repair service and ask for a quote. If they are not familiar with the system tell them about the service manual and the fact that it is a rotary encoder. If they are any good then after that it will be no problem for them

Hopefully this is of some help.

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That problem is common with older electronics and is caused by dust in the volume-control pot.

Electrical contact cleaner spray usually does the trick. If you don't want to try this, a professional cleaning at a local electronics repair shop shouldn't cost much.

While you are cleaning the volume control, be sure to clean any other rotary dials such as the tuner and the source selector or balance controls if it is a receiver. Dust in any of these can cause problems.

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