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I have a first generation SNES (1991 copyright on mother board, detachable sound card, etc).

My TV is a V-series Vizio 4K UHD Smartcast (65”).

Whenever I connect my SNES or N64 to my TV, I get the classic “No Signal” screen, and little blips of sound occasionally. Sometimes the “No Signal” screen turns black due to some type of video signal. I know the component ports work, my GameCube and Wii both work great with this TV.

My assumption is that my SNES and N64 in this case, are just putting out too weak of a signal for the TV to pick them up. Would a component to HDMI adapter help this? Considering there’s auxiliary power needed for the adapter to work.

I recently replaced the fuse on my SNES, but I know it works well because I’ve tested it on multiple TV’s and multiple sets of cables.


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I have an og Snes too now this may sound stupid but the cord I use to plug it in (the one that connects through the tv cable port ) I twisted it untill the picture started to show up. Also make sure the channels matches up with the switch on the back of the snes (channel 3 or 4)

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll try that out

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