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The ZTE ZFive G LTE is a smartphone manufactured by the ZTE company in 2018. Model number: Z557BL.

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I hard reset ZTE - Z557BL and it won't connect to my network, why not?

I did a hard reset to grandson’s ZTE - Z557BL Tracphone and still cannot connect to wifi. Our internet and wifi work. I reset both the modem and router. Signal is excellent . The phone shows other neighborhood networks, but not ours. All other devices in our home connected fine when I put in our network SSID and password......what now???

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Simone  You are right thank you!

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Good, glad it helped

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Sounds more like a router configuration issue, is it working on 2.4 or 5 Ghz? You may need to tinker with operating mode, channel, or device specific restrictions to make it visible to the phone. I suggest you back up your current working settings first(from the router’s web interface), then check Can't connect to home wifi and see if it works for you

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