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Lanzado en Septiembre 16, 2016. Modelos 1660, 1778. Disponible en GSM o CDMA / 32, 128, o 256 GB / Oro Rosa, Oro, Plata, Negro Mate y Negro Brillante.

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Why is my phone inverted and glitching?

So today I wake up, expecting my phone to be a-okay, but i wake up to my phone speaking really fast in Siri’s voice. I open my phone and it’s all inverted. whenever i tried tapping on an app, it always spat out random letters with Siri’s voice. I don’t know why this is happening, if you need me to describe more information, i would be happy to do so. This just happened today.

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It sounds like your phone has turned on accessibility settings on it’s own. It could be randomly, or your touchscreen could have a defect called “ghosting”. Either way, go to settings and depending on what iOS the device is on scroll around under accessibility and turn off whatever settings you don’t want on to return the screen to normal. Alternatively, restore will reset it back to defaults if your data is backed up.

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Thanks for telling me about this! I was able to fix it.

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