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LG Top Load Clothes Washer

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Plastic bits in wash after clutch replacement

Hi there! My 8 year old direct drive washing machine was making a screeching sound spinning in one direction. I ordered a new clutch assembly and successfully replaced it. Upon reassembly the tub ring is slightly interfering with the balance ring and will carve a groove out of the balance ring if I don’t do something. I tightened everything properly (I thought).

The problem is identical to the problem referenced HERE

And shown in images/videos HERE

One thought I had is to simply shave down the tub ring slightly to prevent interference, but it would be great to know why this misalignment might happen. Thank you!

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I think I may have fixed it. I removed the tub again and this time really jiggled it down to seat into the outer plastic tub. The problem might have been that when I placed the inner tub in, it might have been off on the threading below by a tiny amount…this then tiled the bin very slightly. After the reseat, it seems to be spinning without interference.

I also had to shave off the tiny plastic pieces which were abraded off from the previous failure situation so they did not hit each other and cause me to think the 2nd fix did not work.

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