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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Make silent extra cooling for noisy Mini server?

I have got a 2011 Mini Server with i7 quad core with two discs and I am using it for EyeTV in my living room. Problem is that it gets really noisy when compressing recording (even with Elgato H.264 HD attached) and it get even worse if I have got Plex server running as well.

Question is: Has anybody made some additional cooling for this nice machines? I have thought of some kind of cooling stand with a big silent fan. The stand could be attached so it replaces the bottom cover and just forces extra air in through the Mini.

Any ideas?

Kind regard, Karsten Hartmann

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Take a look at this, the heat sink is on the bottom of the Mini:

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The position of the stand is right, but the base should contain a big silent fan to increase the airflow. This one looks as an absolutely passive stand just for lifting the unit.

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while this doesn't answer your question specifically, the cooling strategies may point you in the right direction.

Should I replace the thermal paste on my mini?


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I am a hardcore user with my mac mini and i have to admit that it is a hot machine.

So few weeks ago i bought a crazy fan. The biggest on the market, a professional one on 12V wich is very noisy but at least it works pretty well. I put it on the bottom of the mac mini to increase airflow. Now as it is cooler i try to use my mac mini for video encoding for 5 hours in a row on average. I get disapointed now. Maximum temperature is now 74 Celcius. I am looking for something stronger now, maybe disassemble everything then put a watercooling on it. As picture of the motherboard dont show any fixation for a cooler, i wonder how to it. Of course it will remove the warranty cover but i guess i prefer keep my machine cooler. Is there anyone here who could help?? Did you build a DIY cooler? do you got more exemple of cooling system?

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Mine peeked at 107c. So, for my mini, i bought an extra cover ($15). Drilled 1/8 holes evenly spaced around the edge of the cover of the slanted brim that faces forward. On the un-sealed side only. Machine stays below 99c while hd encoding. Top is barely warm now. Drastically increased air-flow from exhaust port! Just clean out the mini periodically. And make sure u have new thermal paste. Fan is also quieter at full speed.

2012 2.6 quadcore i7.

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