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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Replace iPhone rear camera?

Can I replace the rear camera on iPhone se 2020 2nd generation without disconnect the battery and without seperating phone! This would be my 1st attempt doing this! Phone was ran over screen replaced but back cam is cracked and blurry

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:-) Greg!

no, you cant’t do that! We have been talking for years about the fact that replacing ports from “block type” to “plug type” forces certain behaviors ... including the need to disconnect the power supply to CONNECT connectors. You can always do it at your own risk, but don't write later in your posts that it "fell and didn't turn on". If you don't feel like plugging in the batteries, unscrue or taking the motherboard out when serviceing, maybe you should take that to a good repair shop. They will certainly do it right there.

It's a pleasure to repair your own device. Repairing someone's device is primarily a responsibility.

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Thanks for your reply I was just wondering I’ve never really worked on a phone but I can’t afford to pay someone so I figured I’d try myself ! I’m pretty good with fixing stuff myself , but I know these parts are delicate!so I don’t wanna disconnect it and not be able to get back in place

- de


Make a copy of your data - as a first step. Unscrew and remove the screen screws, take off the screen. Then the bracket screws and disconnect battery and screen. Watch out for the tapes. Then remove the rear camera. That's all. Put everything in reverse order. Don't forget - this is important: if the system (I do not know what version of IOS you have) does not accept the new camera, perform a DFU recovery (necessarily).

Done :-)

- de

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The Camera is not paired to the phone. Camera can easily be replaced. Anyone that says different don’t know anything about repairs.

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