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Replaced Charging Port And Battery , Now Home Button Does Not Work


I replaced my battery and charging port on my iPhone 7, this is the 4th battery repair I have done and the second time I have changed the charging port as the first time I tried to install the charging port and it didn’t fit.

I am not sure what went wrong with this repair but when I turn on the phone everything works but I get a message saying Unable to activate Touch ID on this iphone. And my home button does not work.

Things I have tried to fix:

  • Remount screen and cables
  • Reconnect taptic engine
  • Reconnect back camera
  • Remount speaker
  • Look at pins for the Touch ID cable under microscope and could see no damage


I have no clue what has broken so I can’t fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Have your tried having a look at the home button flex just in-case you have caused any damage to flex while opening it happens to the best of us sometimes. If not I would try a different charge port see if that solved the issue, then I would try change the battery to see if that made a difference always rule out parts before you look into anything to deep.

If after all that nothing works I would then start to have a board level work, such as reading diode values ect.

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Pull back the upper cable on the display and inspect the lower one under it as that one is responsible for the home button. If there are any tears or major creases in that cable it could lead to that issue.

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I looked at the cable and there is no tears or creases at all

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