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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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phone cannot be updated

My iPhone X lately has not been able to update communication apps such as messenger, yowhatsapp ... while updating other game apps is no problem? What is the problem here?

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For software issues always reset software to factory settings, or reset the whole phone.

It is not worth the effort to even ask for software troubleshooting, the iOS does not provide any useful troubleshooting resources anyway.

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There have been lots of outages with apps related to facebook, those apps included, they should be back online soon

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The update might not be compatible with your iOS version. Try updating your phone to the latest software. I recommend backing it up first though. iPhones have a tendency to fail during updates resulting in loss of data, although it is not common it can still happen. Best be safe by backing up your data beforehand.

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