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Battery issues - Health stuck at 100%

I got my Iphone 7’s battery replaced about 7mo ago, as I cracked the screen, and the guy said it was only really worth his time to do both, plus I needed it anyways (Bought this phone refurbed) This was all before I had ever taken apart a phone, now I have. I feel like I should replace it, as the battery health is stuck at 100%, 3utools doesnt give me a health or a manufacturer either. I wonder if this is a bad battery, and if I should replace. The battery life has been not great, I now have to charge it 2x a day, after the IOS 14 update. Is this battery bad, and should I replace it? Would this fix the many crashes and freezes I have while using this phone? I suspect it may, but IDK. Thanks for your help!

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If 3uTools doesn’t display the battery info there are usually 4 possible causes.

1.       Faulty battery.

2.       Damaged connector.

3.       Nudged component near the battery connector.

4.       Faulty charging IC usually Tigris.

Batteries are not that expensive and most times fix the issue.

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