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iPod will not turn off!

The off/shuffle switch popped off pulling it out of the package. I've had it a couple of years and finally decided to use it. I had trouble with the software, so kept it in the original package. Now the switch fell off. I've put it back on, but it will not turn the iPod off. I don't care about the shuffle or list part. I am wondering if I lost a small piece. Also, does putting it on hold/pause eventually turn it off?

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If you just got an iPod Shuffle and haven’t had an iPod before, you may be looking for a very common button found on most consumer electronics: the on/off switch. Well, stop your search because the iPod Shuffle doesn’t have an on/off button. Just let it go to sleep.

The hold switch is at the edge of the iPod Shuffle near the random switch (on second-generation Shuffles. On the first generation, it's on the back of the iPod). Slide the hold switch to the on position when you put the iPod away. This will lock the clickwheel the same way you lock a cell phone keypad. Now, your iPod won’t accidentally wake from sleep when a button is pushed and drain its power. To start using your iPod again, just slide the hold switch into the other position and click a button to start it up again.

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I think that she is saying that the switch on the back fell off.

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You might be right, probably are.

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Yes, the switch fell off, but with your description, I think I have it figured out now. It seems to take forever to actually turn off or go to sleep. I was actually able to turn it off and then back on this evening. Thanks for helping a dummy! :)

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Yes it was the answer I was looking for! And I did appreciate the explanation! And still do a year and a half later! lol!!

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