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Water pressure varies with or without filter. Whirlpool p/n gc5shexns0

We have a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator, part number gc5shexns03, that has recently suffered low water pressure. At coincidentally the same time, what we believed to be the compressor, would cycle on and off. We had an appliance repair person, highly recommended by our contractor neighbor, come and diagnose the cycling issue. He attributed it to the control board. We also made him aware of the low water pressure from the water dispenser. He mentioned that the pressure is also regulated by the board and that it should solve the problem. After the repair, the cycling had been corrected but not the low water pressure. He then stated that it could be the filter.

Since the repair, we switched the filter with a Whirlpool recommended filter and followed the normal flushing sequence, yet the low pressure remains. We noticed the sound of running water when we removed the filter during initial switch and during a subsequent recheck, that has never happened before when we switch filters for new ones. I had moved refrigerator to inspect and there was water on the floor. At some point, it is actively leaking water when the filter is not in place. The leaking stops the minute the filter is put back in. For the few seconds that the filter was out we tried the water dispenser and found that the water pressure was high and back to its original level. Upon re-inserting the filter, the pressure dips back down. We also noticed that it tends to drip a bit after the water dispenser runs, but then will stop after several drips. That started about the same time as the low water pressure. Could there be something wrong with the valving within the filter housing?

Also, about a month ago the ice machine seem to have a slow leak that leaked from the overhead tray it would make icicles down within the freezer compartment. That lasted a couple weeks, but then went away about a week before the water pressure and cycling issue. I am wondering if that is all related to issues with the board that we had switched out.

I have read through this form, as well as others, and I've seen lots of different issues about water pressure that tend to lead to saddle valves or arrow systems. We have no issue with the valve on the wall nor do we have an Aro system. I find it peculiar that the pressure is low with the filter in and back to normal with it out, and that it actively leaks now when a filter is not in it. This is very frustrating. I would greatly appreciate any of the expertise and wisdom that members of this forum have. Thank you!

P.S. - this unit is a whirlpool gold side-by-side refrigerator. The only option for whirlpool listed in the name your device choice was a whirlpool French door unit. My apologies if that is misleading.

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Hi @needsomehelp,

Wondering if the problem may be related to a faulty water inlet valve - part #10 Ice maker parts diagram not opening fully or quickly shutting off completely.

Also have you checked that the water supply pressure to the refrigerator is OK?

The following is from p.6 of the installation manual

Water Pressure: Cold water supply with water pressure of between 30 and 120psi (207-827kPa) is required to operate the water dispenser and ice maker.

Reverse Osmosis Water Supply: If a reverse osmosis water filtration system is connected to your cold water supply, the water pressure to the reverse osmosis system needs to be a minimum of 40 to 60psi (276-414kPa). If your refrigerator has a water filter cartridge, it may further reduce the water pressure when used in conjunction with a reverse osmosis system. Remove the water filter cartridge

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