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Defrost cycle doesn't seem to last long enough

So far we vacuumed underneath by the compressor; melted and removed major frost in front and in back of the evaporator panel & coils/heater unit area. Melted ice in drain tube-now flowing; changed the defrost timer. Defrost cycle doesn't seem to last long enough and only bottom portion of coils gets the frost melted. I have a thermostat I'll change today hoping it might help. I did notice the e. fan seems to never turn off even when I open either doors like I read it should. It goes off only on defrost cycle. HELP ;-)

-This is what I've done so far: removed bottom panels and cleaned the best I could dust, etc near coils and compressor and drain pan. Compressor warm, fan next to it was blowing, I hear motor noise underneath.

-Removed frost buildup on the outside of Evaporator Cover, removed it and

melted with warm water the ice buildup on the entire heater coil area, lots.

-Put icebox manually into defrost mode, saw red on the heater element, evaporator fan working, only stopped when I put it into defrost mode; other than that E. Fan constantly blowing. Freezer working fine the whole time.

-Read it usually is always the Defrost Timer in the icebox section so for $20 I changed that out. Still cold air not flowing to the bottom of refrigerator. I have a defrost thermostat that I'm going to change out today. I'm not sure if I need to reassemble the E. cover in the freezer so that the air can go to the bottom section. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update (11/27/2020)

ET8WTMXKT07....Yes same person as the question I just created I forgot to had some things we did already. Mahalo

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Mary Simmons what's the complete model number for your Whirlpool fridge?

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Mary Simmons based on this “Defrost cycle doesn't seem to last long enough “ as well as not properly defrosting, I’d be looking in changing the defrost timer first (Whirlpool part number W10822278). After that you are really relying on your defrost bimetal working properly. Check the air ducts to ensure that those have proper room to move air around.

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I changed the timer, just put back the evaporator cover; its been about 30 minutes and I can at least feel cold blowing into the fridge. Ill check tomortomorrow. Thank you so much!!!

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