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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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I search a manual (with pictures) explaining the repair of a motor


i see a Suzuki FA50 Moped Teardown, and it's a very good repair manual !

But this Guide don't show how to repair (disassemble, and reassemble) the engine...

Does iFixit Team have a repair manual with pictures ?!

Or an other repair manual for an other Moped (or little Motorcycle) ?

My email is:



Hello Djuric

Thanks you for your answer !

I have look to your post about Throttle cable question, thanks you :)

I have look on autozone too, but i don't find any repair manual as well made as those of

What i'm loocking for is a repair manual of any motor as well made as those of, with picture step by step.

(if it's possible, for a moped for a small money value in order to train myself)

Do you know where i can find it ?

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Sorry amkgroupe, I did the Suzuki teardown as a fun weekend project -- I figured I could snap some photos as I was taking it apart.

I tried to be as thorough as possible, without actually going into portions of the engine where I could seriously screw things up. The real problem I was having with the moped was the stuck throttle cable. Check out this other Answers post on it: Stuck Throttle Cable

However, you may be able to find some motor repair information at Autozone. If you sign up as a member (free) and input a vehicle of your choice, they will display any repair manuals they have for the vehicle. The manuals may not be as good as iFixit's, but they will at least get you started. :)

Answer Update

Unfortunately the best advice I can give you at this time is to browse moped forums, such as, that may have some information on how to take apart a moped engine.

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I have post on at this link :

We will see... ;)

Thanks you a lot Djuric

- Por

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Hi Djuric

I have find the mope manuel for Suzuki FA50 Moped

at this link :

When i start fixing apple laptop, i know nothing, and with a little courage

and thanks to your repair manual, and i succeed in it thanks to ifixit team !

Now, i'm looking for do the same thing in moped, and later motocycle.

Do you think you can do a manual (with pictures) explaining how to take apart a moped engine ?


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Hello Djuric

I have found different answer on your moped forum very good thanks to Donp, thanks you very much.

For finish, this is my 2 final questions until i will buy this moped for (i)fixit :)

i know that for to take apart this moped i will need this tools :

8" Needle Nose Plier

10 mm socket wrench

12 mm socket wrench

14 mm socket wrench

Phillips #2 Screwdriver

Two 17 mm socket wrenches

So this are my 2 final questions for you :

1) For fix suzuki fa50 engine (motor) : do i will need others tools (wich one ?)

2) With ifixit guide, and suzuki fa50 tech manual, do i need other things to succeed to take apart the engine, or do i need to know (have) one last thing ?

Good bye

- Por

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i have a '83 and have found a few manuals online:


1986 manual, another 1980 manual and a partial wiring diagram

i hope these help...thanks to everyone else for the phots and engine explanations. i've learned a lot.

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