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Anunciado en Marzo de 2015, y lanzado al mercado el 10 de Abril de 2015, el Galaxy S6 es el nuevo buque insignia en la linea Galaxy. La version curva de su pantalla es conocida como Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Can I get off dead S6

hi all, my Samsung Galaxy S6 pretty much died the other day. I’ve tried all the button pressing combinations but it won;t turn on. No lights at all. I tried replacing the battery and whilst i got a white led for about 4 hours it then turned off and still no response sadly. I know it’s a really old phone but newer ones seem to really hurt my eyes so I was kind of attached to this one.

Do I have any way to connect it and get anything I want off the hard drive, from what I can find online it sounds like unless it boots up there’s no way to do this but i thought I should check before discarding it!

if I have another model can I perhaps put the hard drive in the new model or is this not an option?

Many thanks in advance


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I’m sorry, but if the device is hard-bricked, then data recovery is impossible to the average user. There are shops that may be able to revive your device, so you may want to check. Also, phones do not have hard drives (that’d be a terrible design choice), so forget transferring that. Also, if you like your S6, then there’s no need to upgrade. You can buy a refurbished or used S6 at many online shopping sites for about $90-110. Finally, if you must move on from your device, please recycle it instead of throwing it out (Samsung offers this service for free).

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Thanks Suki-san, I assumed there was no way to transfer hard drives as hadn’t heard of this but thanks for clarifying. Yeah I have looked at many refurbished S6s as I know they aren’t painful to my eyes but a decent condition one here (UK) is a bit more than that and I was forever running out of space on my 32gb one even with the bare minimum apps. 64gb ones seem pretty expensive still for a 4-5 year old phone but I’ll keep my eyes open for a bargain!

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