Can't perform PR RAM reset to bypass firmware password

Hello to all,

We ordered a logic board for an iMac 21.5” 2011 for a customer of ours since his was defective. Altho seller has a good reputation on eBay, we got one with a firmware password.

I’ve tried removing it with the add/remove a ram stick and then perform PR RAM reset, but so far no dice.

So what we have done so far is the following:

- boot up computer normally we get the flashing folder (not abnormal after a logic board change), so we try to reinstall

- make High Sierra stick with createInstallMedia only to be greeted with firmware password lock when pushing option to boot from usb

- customer has 4x 4G RAM sticks, so no issues changing the amount of ram.

- shut down computer, remove a stick

- reboot computer and immediately push cmd+opt+P+R: has no effect at all

- tried again with different combo’s of ram, 1, 2 or 3 sticks, all in diff locations, etc

- tried 3 different kb’s

- whenever either opt or cmd+r is pushed when booting the firmware password lock shows, if no key combo is pushed it just goes to the flashing folder (no bootable disk). So it’s clearly registering the key strokes.

- also since testing 3 diff kb’s defective specific keys is also ruled out

Bottom line is that for some reason changing RAM stick amount does not result in a boot where firmware password boot restrictions are temporarily removed, as it should.

Was this perhaps patched up by Apple with the firmware update that was bundled with High Sierra? If so, what other solutions are there?

And if not, what could cause this behaviour?

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