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A1708 / EMC 3164: lanzado en junio de 2017, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico conserva sus teclas de función tradicionales (a diferencia de la barra táctil OLED).

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No Airport/Wifi hardware recognized

It looks like the wifi hardware is soldered on the board for this machine. Any fixes that don’t require replacing the logic board? I’m thinking a USB dongle might be the way to go here, are there any that can utilize the Apple wifi software? Seems the ones that use their own software are iffy/buggy and often get abandoned upon OS upgrades. Thanks!

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Can you give us a bit more here. What is happing did the Bluetooth and/or WiFi stop working or are you trying to connect to a new WiFi Access Point (AP) and it won’t connect?

One useful diagnostic is pressing the option key when you click on the WiFi icon on the mere bar. Take a snapshot of the grey part of the strip also do you see any AP’s blow it? Do you see your AP?

Update (11/11/2020)

Did someone neuter the system intentionally (physically damaging the WiFi/BT chip?

At this point you have only one means of connection via a USB-C/TB to Ethernet dongle or hub unit.

I think its time to open the system up and inspect things Reemplazo de la caja inferior de MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys 2017

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The wifi hardware appears to be absent. No wifi APs show up at all. The wifi cannot be turned on in the System Preferences. It is not present in the System Report and the machine can’t boot into diagnostic mode, as there is no wifi to connect with. SMC and PRAM resets did not help.

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