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Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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nintendo dsi xl will not load games

i have done all the up dates, checked the games and cleaned them and it still will not load the games?

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i think it could be the game card slot as if you hold the game in really hard it works, how can i fix this?


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2 possibilities.

1) the pins in the card reader that make contact with the game's contacts are bent or dirty. look in there with a flashlight and see if anything's going on. if it's dirty, try using a small brush + some isopropyl alcohol. get in there with a tweezers and try to reshape the pins if you see something bent

2) bad solder connection from the reader to the main PCB. will need to be resoldered.

good luck.

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