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No light on magsafe


I recently refubrished a macbook and broke the sleep sensor flex cable, I replaced it with a new one.

The problem now is that after that manoeuver the magsafe light is non existent, and the battery shows “connected but not charging”.

Appart from that the computer works fine, I attempted a SMC reset to no avail.

I opened the computer and used a multimeter, the 1 volt wire is working fine and everything gets seems to get power.

I replaced the DC-in board with a new one aswell

What could be the issue ? is it the sleep sensor from ebay ? It worked fine before I opened it to change the thermal paste and since that it’s impossible to charge my battery.

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2 Respuestas

Sadly, if replacing the DC-In board and replacing the sleep sensor cable which you damaged didn’t fix things then you have a logic board issue!

You talk about refreshing the thermal paste in the process did you manage to damage the logic board SMC logic?

At this point I would take the logic board fully out and compare it to the iFixit guide images look for a missing or damaged component. If you don’t find anything then the charging logic its self is damaged, you’ll need to get a new logic board at that point unless you know someone with the deeper skills to fix your logic board.

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As @danj said, it could be logic board damage. However, it could potentially also be a bad charger/MagSafe connection. Try giving the charger connector a clean on both the laptop and the charger. Also try wiggling the MagSafe charger for the first second of it being plugged in. It’s not too likely, but that might be the culprit. I do have one question though, does the MagSafe light show a very dim green in an unlit room?

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