Orange light blinks only once on CPU when I click power button

I don't know anything about these things

Please help me

All of a sudden my cpu fan stopped working, I neglected it for a period of time then when I opened my CPU I was just checking all pins and cleaning it, I don't know how but the hard disk pin was removed by mistake and I didn't notice,when I started my PC it said to check the connection is loose or not, so I checked again and plugged the hard disk pin in the bios(bios was written near the pin on motherboard) of motherboard and when I turned it on it blinked Amer/ orange light once and then dark everything is dark, also when I remove and plug in power supply a green light near Ethernet port blinks

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Hi @nonesome

Do you have the exact model of the mainboard and if possible share some pics and provide with more hardware info, e.g. rams, etc.

some things to check,

ensure rams are properly installed and seated, sometimes it may pop up when removing the cpu cooler, if you have multiple ram stick installed, test with a stick at a time.

if you have graphic card, ensure it is well connected to the mainboard graphic slot.

Check to ensure the cpu fan is well connected.

- de

Really sorry but as I mentioned above 'I don't know anything about these things '

I plugged the hard disk SATA pin in wrong place, just now I saw there is 1 more empty place so I plugged it there and everything is fine, I am such a fool,

Sorry again

- de

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