MSI GT80S 6QE Wont boot up

I was playing a non-intence graphics game and my screen went black. I held the power button to turn off the laptop and when I turned it back on the screen stays black and after about 30 seconds the fans go to 100% speed.

I have tried to use a HDMI cable to see if an external display would work. No change

I have tried to hold the bios reset button for 30 seconds then power it up. -No change

Tried to swap out all 3 ram dims and one at a time in all slots. - No change

I have tried to remove the Sabre HiFi sound card. - No change.

I sent the laptop to MSI but they said it was a motherboard issue and they would not fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

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Hi Rob

Any reason why MSI do not want to fix it?? out of warranty

it seems to be a mainboard issues from the info you had given.

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They said they can't get the parts to fix it and that they think its the MOBO.

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Hi Rob

if it is still under warranty, it is not acceptable to say there is no parts for replacement.

Else need to perform a board level component repair which is very challenging.....

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It's 4 years old so they say it's out of warranty

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