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Intel Core i5 de doble núcleo a 1,8 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 2,8 GHz) con 3 MB de caché L3 compartida

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Powers off during boot


The laptop powers off during boot. Tried to boot from local drive, USB external, Internet recovery mode. It simply powers off itself when boot progress bar are running. Any ideas?


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@rouslan - What is the color of the MagSafe LED? Amber or Green or not lit at all!

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@danj The color is green.

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OK, that's good!

What do you see if you connect an external monitor to your system or if you aim a flashlight through the lid logo? Do you see a faint image or a clean image on the external.

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@danj I have no external monitor now :-(

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@rouslan - Then flash light test

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Have you tried to run an SMC reset? Try that first and then report back!

(while powered off, connect to power, then hold left side, shift, control, and option, then press the power button. wait 5 seconds (you might see the mag-safe connector go from green to orange, then green again) then try again)

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You could also try holding command and s while attempting to boot and you'll get the single-user-mode console that will show you exactly where it's booting, and maybe you'll see the string that it's failing on to get more insight.

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@jabackes Yes, I have tried SMC and PROM reset.

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