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Guías de reparación y soporte para la línea Chromebooks de Asus.

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their keys are not working

my computer is the ASUS Chromebook C423NA DH02 and their keys are not working plz help thx

Update (10/29/2020)

Some keys work!

I got angry on my quiz and turned off and then the buttons didn't work.

Because I spammed so much off the keyboard it stopped working.

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You'll need to give us a bit more! What happened?

● Did you spill a drink not the keyboard or trackpad

● Did you bang the system or drop it

● Does some keys work?

Does the system work with an external keyboard and mouse?

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Define spammed - I've not heard the term used in this context.

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sorry but that happened

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Does an external USB/BT keyboard work?

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Yes i did and it works

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You’ll need to decide if its worth fixing.

While the needed part is not overly high Asus Chromebook C423NA 14" Palmrest w/ Touchpad Keyboard 13N1-63A0701 It will take some doing to replace it. I would recommend finding a local PC repair person to help you.

Otherwise you do have the external keyboard for now until you can afford to get it fixed properly.

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