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Guías para la versión Wi-Fi del iPad Mini 4: modelo A1538. Anunciado el 9 de septiembre de 2015, el iPad Mini 4 es el sucesor del iPad Mini 3.

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Why is my iPad mini 4 rebooting after battery replacement

I just replaced my iPad mini 4 battery, booted it up and the battery showed 1% which I thought was strange so I plugged it into it’s charger, it then immediately jumped to 100% with the charging logo. After a few minutes of it charging it rebooted itself and keeps doing so plugged in or not. Upon every reboot it shows 1% battery with occasionally “0% remaining” under the current time. So I left it charging overnight for probably 12 hours. This morning I unplugged it, and it still shows 100% after using it a little bit the battery dropped pretty quickly within about 20 minutes to 84%. it still reboots every few minutes with a strange coloured dotted screen sometimes and sometimes no dots, sometimes solid colours and sometimes black. Then the screen goes black, Apple logo shows up, it runs for a few minutes and repeat.

Between the reboots for the short few minutes it’s alive, it works perfectly fine

I plugged it in to charge again into a 5V 2.4 A charger with a 3 foot cable. It slowly charged up from the 80s to the 90s. But STILL reboots every few minutes. I’ve completely formatted to factory settings and got through the setup as a new iPad, hard reset a few times but nothing works.

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Would this be a faulty battery?

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It could be a bad replacement battery. If the original battery was still usable, I would re-install it to see if the problem is consistent with the board or the battery.

However, the symptoms look more like the battery SWI line was damaged. Look for damage in the area surrounding the battery connector. Sometimes components get damaged when lifting the connector and some of those connectors allow the battery to communicate it’s charge state to the CPU. When they are damaged or missing, the device behaves just like yours.

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So the old battery wasn’t usable, but I couldn’t find any damage whatsoever, so I ordered another battery from somewhere else and got a refund for the defective one. Installed the new battery, no problems. Thanks for your help!

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That's great!!

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