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I need help for the clean up of my Zephyrus Gx701 Laptop

I have a Zephyrus GX701(i7-8750 , RTX 2080 Max Q) , I'm looking at my Armoury crate and it says that my CPU is 79° C and my GPU goes as high as 73°C . It might be time to:

1)apply thermal paste on CPU

2) Clean up the Dust and Dirt inside my fans and Motherboard

However, I'm SOOO scared to open up my laptop and break something. I know nothing about hardware and I'm scared that I could mess one thing up and mess up my whole system. I’m careless and I need specific instructions please.

Is there anything I should know (Which thermal paste to buy, any tips when opening my laptop up, what I should have around me etc.) before I open up my laptop? I'm a total newbie and I need guidance please!

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I would not consider the GX701 a new DIYer friendly laptop in terms of the thermal paste - you have to take apart quite a bit of the laptop in order to change it. If you want to see how to do it, refer to this video and see if you’re comfortable doing so, or you want someone with more experience to do the thermal paste. There are no guides here so this is about as good as it gets - I’m not surprised since these are so expensive. It’s one of those where I could do it, but I’ve also done laptops which require motherboard removal or major disassembly so I have a few “major disassembly required” ones under my belt - it’s nothing to me; just another machine I need to do major work on to change paste.

However, the fans are pretty easy to clean - remove the bottom cover which reveals access, blow canned air in the cooling system and then that will remove most of the dust from the fan and heatsink. Generally speaking cleaning is fine if it’s less then 3-4 years old, although the paste often degraded enough after 2 years you might as well get it over with on the easy ones with a major service.

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