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Which RAM I choose for upgrading laptop Asus R557L?

Please I want to upgrade my Laptop's Ram I have now 4 GB.. I want to buy 8 GB, but I don't know which type or number I should choose it.

Thank you for the great service

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Online ram suppliers such as Crucial and Kingston don’t even list your model when searching their websites and I can’t find any specifications as to the type (SODIMM DDR2L or SODIMM DDR3L) and speed of the memory (ram) used in your model but if you have Win 10 installed then here’s a link that shows how to enter commands into the computer so that you can get all the information about the ram that is already installed.

Since you already have 4GB ram installed it should then be just a matter of getting a 8GB module with the same type and speed specifications if there is only one ram slot or 2 x 4GB if there are two slots

Hopefully this is of some help.

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