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La PlayStation 3 slim es la segunda versión de la video consola PS3 producida por Sony Computer Entertainment. Fue lanzada el 1 de Septiembre de 2009.

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Is the power supply for the CECH-3001A/B dual voltage

Have you ever tried to connect it to 220-240V, since model CECH-3001A/B was just released this august and the links here maybe already outdated since sony make some internal modifications in this latest model like less power consumption, etc. (my ps3 has 120V stated under the console) so I am hesistant to use since mine don't have warranty..


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Yes, the CECH-3001A/B is a new release, but has the same power supply voltages. So it will still work on 220/240. You can check in here on peoples testimony from Argentina to India... and more on here ... If you are still unsure and you need to have 100% confirmation. Just open your PS3 and take a look at the power supply. you will find that it will give you dual voltage. The reason why it says the 120Volts is because it is a North American model.

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which ps3 model has better power savings cech-3001a or cech2001a ?

- de

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usa cech-3001a model works perfectly fine in india(220 v)

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