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After replacing thermal paste and cleaning the fan, my ps4 fan is loud

So, I replaced the thermal paste and cleaned my fan on my PS4.

When I was cleaning my PS4 fan, I was holding it and it slipped out of my hand and fell to the ground (I didn’t see any kind of physical damage to it)

So, I put it all back together.

I turn it on and it works fine, but then the fan starts making this insanely loud noise (almost like something is hitting it) and then after only 1-2 minutes, it turns off. I take the top shell off to confirm the noise is from the fan and yes, as soon as the fan starts to spin is when the really loud noise occurs.

Now, the fan doesn’t seem to turn on at all, so my PS4 says “temperature is too high” or something along those lines after only 1-2 minutes and shuts down.

Do you think I need a replacement fan at this point? or is there another solution to all this?


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Sounds like there is either an imbalance to the fan or something is damaged inside it. Regardless you’re likely easier to replace that fan.

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Thanks for the answer.

So, I found out the issue.

So, I took everything apart and metal part of the fan was a bit bent, so it caused the fan itself and the metal part to touch, hence it was making that loud noise.

It was very easy to bend back into place.

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Excellent! That was my thinking either the fan or something in there. Good job!

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