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Lighter spot on my replacement screen.

Hi everybody!

I have an iPhone 7 with a home button that stopped working. With a little help from you guys, I determined that one of the ribbon cables was torn, and a screen replacement fixed this issue! Thank you!

However, I have a new issue. The replacement screen (from ifixit) has a spot that is slightly discolored when there are lighter things on the screen. Is this an issue with my installation, or a faulty screen? Everything else is perfect!

Update (10/14/2020)

Block Image

It’s actually in the bottom right corner

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Can you post a picture of the discoloration? In my own experience with fixing the 7 and 8 series is that little silver shield by the ribbon cables in the screen doesn’t align properly and can lead to a yellowish pressure spot in that area.

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I added the photo as an update to my question!

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@TYLER GOODWIN I would open it up and check the alignment on that little IC chip on the flex cable for the screen assembly. Usually when I get a spot like that it's because of that little chip.

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