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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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Lenovo TAB M10 charging


I am having issue regarding the charging circuit of Lenovo Tablet M10 (X605L).

When i connected the charger (with ampmeter) it shutted down immediatly - showing that something is shorted to ground.

1) Opened the tablet and saw that diode “H12” was giving a little burn marks (Measured both ends of the diode and it was shorted to ground on both ends).

2)Then i removed the H12 diode and the short was gone from the motherboard.

3)Did the measurements of the diode itself and both ends beeping (Meaning the diode is bad).

My question is where i can find the correct spare part or it is not necessary to put back on?

Also the datasheet of the diode itself :

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@kapuzta you can get the diode from place like this or even from here as well as many other places.

Yes you do want to replace it since this is your charging circuit and it will not function properly without it.

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Thank you for the feedback but i was just curious what it will do without the H12 diode.

So assembled the tablet and it was charging nicely.

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@kapuzta That is great. Hopefully it charges your battery and does not shorten any component out in the future. The diode most likely will prevent discharge back into the charging circuit while it is in battery mode only. Keep your fingers crossed. :-)

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