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iPhone de 4 pulgadas lanzado en marzo de 2016 con especificaciones de hardware similares al 6s. Disponible en Plata, Gris espacial, Oro u Oro rosa con opciones de almacenamiento de 16/64 GB. Modelos A1662 y A1723.

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Replacement screen blinks only during phone calls

I just replaced the display/digitizer on my iPhone SE with the iFixit kit (IF327-011-3), and everything seems to work as it should — until I make or receive a phone call. With the phone active, the screen starts blinking on and off, and I’m unable to turn on the speaker, use the keypad or even hang up. Oh, except when I can. Sometimes the screen will stop blinking and behave normally during a call. Or not blink at all. No screen issues when using apps on cellular data. I’ve powered off and re-started a few times, but no change. Suggestions?

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Make sure the Ambient Light Sensor is lined up properly, the phone’s screen turn off when it detects when it’s near the useres head, misplacment or damage to that can likely cause this issue.

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Thanks, Nick. The proximity sensor is where my thoughts went to first, as well. It’s part of the replacement screen assembly, so if it’s askew, that’s on iFixit. Weirdly, the phone seems to be working better with time, with fewer instances of screen blinking. I reckon I’ll give it a bit more time before digging into the innards again.

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