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Non-responsive home button after changing lighting port

Changed the lightning port on an iPhone 7 today, noting that no ribbon cables were damaged and all components were tested beforehand.

Upon reassembly, plugging in the battery and starting to test the unit, I could smell hot, almost burning electronics smell coming from the logic board. Disconnected the battery to check everything, seemed fine, powered back on and the smell went away. Phone runs fine except very high battery drain (10% in 10 minutes on idle), as well as non-responsive home button, alert that touch ID isn’t recognized and the back of the phone (logic board area) gets very hot.

Is there a chance the logic board has been partially fried? Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Never had liquid damage. Rear of home button is good. As far as I can see there are no damaged pins on the ribbon connectors either. [br]

Haven’t tried cleaning the ribbon connector sockets, worth a shot. [br]

otherwise, can plugging in the battery before other connectors somehow damage the logic board and have this result?

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Inspect the home button and the connector if you haven’t already. Was the phone ever dropped in liquid?

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As a student in electronics engineering, if there is a burnt smell on a PCB, that generally means there was a short circuit. In your case, it would be due to corrosion as a result of the water damage. More than likely, you are out of luck my guy. Unless you are a highly trained SMD/BGA soldering technician, it is almost impossible.

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Burning smell means something burnt out, probably due to short circuit or faulty component, e.g. inductor, capacitor. You’ll have to dissassmble and look for anything that looks burnt out, look for cracks in components or brown marks or other discolouration.

If you’re lucky, whatever it was that shorted was not on the motherboard and so repairs could be relativley cheap. If home button not working is the only problem then perhaps swap out the home button for another and check. Repeat for taptic engine, lightning port, speaker and other components around that area of phone.

If your previous lightning port wasn’t working and installing new one caused a short there may be a problem on mainboard that’s causing a short in the lightning port circuit. Check the connector on motherboard and components around that area.

Does new lightning port still work after the short?

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