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Front and Rear cameras not working after iOS 14 update

One of my friends made the update to iOS 14. Now both front and rear cameras show a black screen. It does this on any app that requires camera access. She has an iPhone 7 Plus

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Backup your complete phone with iTunes and try to re-install a fresh iOS version with iTunes.

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ios 14 is a new release but i have been using it on my main iphone 7 when you could install it as beta and everything worked, try see if you can download ios 13 unless this ios 14 update is official and from what ive heard, its official so try replace camera if you cant get ios 13 back

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My mom has this same issue, she is taking it in to apple for audio ic, but learned her cameras dont work, nor the flashlight, after she updated. I will restore ios to a fresh ios 14, and see about that

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