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How to disassemble Dell KM-714?

I have a Dell KB-714 keyboard (made by Logitech) that had a battery leak acid inside of it. The negative terminal isn't accessible to clean so I need to take it apart, however, there are no screws anywhere. Andwhen I try to pull it apart it feels solid as if the top and bottom are screwed together and not held together by clips. Ibe checked underneath the keys too! Any help would be appreciated!

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Nothing under the lables?

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Doesn't have lables, everything's printed straight on the plastic. And there's nothing under the rubber feet either!

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I faced the same issue - there are 6 screws at the top, 5 at the bottom, and 3 screws at each side from the left/right. They're hidden behind the cover glued around buttons. Glue looks like double-sided tape. Be careful and keep slow while trying to peel off the cover from the edges. If you use something to slip under the cover, make sure you'll not move pieces of glue - otherwise, it'd be hard to glue the cover back and keep it smooth as it was originally. I can say, that I failed this task and there are a few folded places now.

After screws are removed, you'll be able to remove the back panel and see the chip and wires. Those who need to disassemble it further - it's not going to be easy, since the rest parts are connected with rivets..

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Great help!


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