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Why doesn’t my iPhone have an auto-brightness option?

Hi. I looked at ALL the possible repair videos and settings options, as I am trying to fix my phones brightness. Even on full brightness, my phone is very dim. One site suggested that I toggle off and on my auto-brightness option, and after watching a Youtube tutorial on where to find that option, i’ve come to see I don’t have it all! I’ve attached a screenshot displaying exactly what I see on the settings screen in Accessibility > Display & Text Size. There are no options underneath Reduce White Point, it is the last listed item on the screen.

Block Image

Does anyone else have this issue? Are there any possible solutions ?

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What ios version is it running? settings general about

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do you have a Display Accommodations. icon?

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in accessibility?

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@jumanjie it probably is in a different location for some reason or your iphone may be a global version...

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You need to verify that your phone isn’t a global version (more specifically a China version), i can check for you if you get your A-XXXX number for me which i will provide a link for you to look up how to get that number, then, you will need to look elsewhere to find your autobrightness option

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@jumanjie The final answer is gonna be that this is a global phone, so therefore this particular make wouldn’t be compatible with auto-brightness features… Make sure you accept my answers and let me know whether they were helpful or not by the buttons

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@electroscience Thank you for helping out on the Forum. However, please remember that the goal here is to help others, including those that don't ask questions and just lurk. It's not about flogging your personal email address or services. Please keep all of your help public, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the forum.

The moderators thank you!

@mayer @oldturkey03 @danj @jayeff @arbaman

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