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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Rinse wont work but wash cycle and spin work

(its actually my Kenmore 70 series but wasn’t a choice. )

Model: 110. 24712300 My washer will start with Wash cycle but will just continue to wash until i switch it to spin cycle or shut it off. And when it works on Spin cycle it will continuously go until i shut it off. Even with the 2 cycles working when i put it on rinse cycle it just makes a motorized noise but does not spin or do anything. Could it be the timer?

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Hey its 110. 24712300

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It could be the timer - supplier example only, (see part #19 Control panel parts diagram)

Does the timer step through the cycles OK from wash to rinse to spin etc or does it stop and has to be manually moved from one cycle to the next in the washing program?

As it is an electro-mechanical timer switch and not a purely electronic timer switch, even if it does step it still may be faulty contacts in the timer as it should stop the wash cycle action and commence the drain and rinse action and not just continue with the wash action. The same with the final spin, it should stop the spin when the final step position of the timer has been reached.

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It washes but never advances or stops. Same with the rinse and spin I have to manually do it. It will only work on one cycle setting as well. Under the heavy cycle. Delicates and soak don’t work at all.

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Hi @Arielle Ramirez Kyer

Did you try replacing the timer as suggested, you didn't say?

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PCB failure most likely… Either replace that or buy a new washer… :( Im sorry to be a bearer of bad news

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