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Why does my dishwasher start washing then screen goes blank and drains

I have a Matag dishwasher. Model MDB4949SDH3. It starts and fills up and gets hot. You can hear it start to wash and then the screen goes blank and the timer looks like a clock that just got reset. It then drains and turns off. I have tried all the cycles and it does the sane thing to all of them. Does anyone know what might be happening?

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Hi @scottpalmer74 ,

Here’s the tech sheet for the dishwasher.

This shows how to get into the diagnostic mode for the dishwasher and check that all the functions are working correctly and if not perhaps you’ll get an error code indicating what’s wrong. (see p.7)

There maybe is a tech sheet for your model in a plastic bag, located behind the kick plate (toe plate?) of the dishwasher, in case I have linked the wrong one.

Hopefully a start.

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